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Manylabs is a nonprofit focused on sensors for science and science education. Our goal is to make it easier for students, scientists, and everyone else to collect and analyze data about the world around them.

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Sensors can measure many aspects of our physical world. We build systems for environmental monitoring, including measuring air quality (both outdoor and indoor), water quality, and soil health. We also work on tools for monitoring and controlling experiments involving plant biology, food production, and carbon sequestration.

We believe that it is increasingly important for everyone to understand the strengths and limitations of using data and statistics to make decisions. Even middle school students can become aware of the issues of sample sizes, noisy data, reproducibility, and conflicting results. This form of data literacy should be a core part of society.

Our tools are open source, so that anyone can build, repair, or modify our software and hardware. We also make data that we collect open to the public. We believe in building tools for science that are well-maintained, well-documented, low cost, modular, and reusable, so that it is easier for anyone to understand and replicate scientific experiments.

We believe that the combination of public data, public tools, and public discourse can help us better understand and improve the world around us.